Arturia Mini V Presets


Raw synth power

The Minimoog has been on more records than anybody can count. It is one of those classic sounds that instantly works in any mix. With 100 patches, ranging from classic, recognisable sounds, to bizzare, mangled patches, the Mini V Presets contain everything you both would and wouldn't expect from a Moog library. That means fat basses and funky leads, but also warm organs, deep pads, and cinematic soundscapes.

Arturia Mini-V is a software emulation of the legendary Minimoog synth, check it out here.


As used on countless classic records

The Arturia Mini V Presets give you 100 presets, as well as all the classic leads, basses and arpeggio patches that define the legendary sound of the Minimoog, there are also lots of experimental patches that take advantage of the polyphony and extended features of Arturia Mini V, such as the modulation matrix, vocal filter, chorus, delay and motion recorder capabilities. You'll also find organs, pads and cinematic FX patches. Additionally, all the patches from my tutorials have been collected, tweaked, adjusted, and included in this bank. The library is neatly organised with all of the sounds integrated into pre-existing Arturia categories for when you're inspired and need to quickly find the right sound. Installation is as easy as using the 'Import' dialogue in Mini V's menu. 


The Sounds

All of the sounds, apart from drums, are the Arturia Mini V Presets.









Requires Arturia Mini V3

The Arturia Mini V Presets are included in the Synth Presets Bundle and the Complete Bundle.