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Post Malone - White Iverson Synths

Post Malone released White Iverson in 2015, it was originally uploaded to Soundcloud and the song quickly became a huge hit, currently with over 500 million views on Youtube. Although Post Malone was branded a one-hit-wonder after the song's release, he has since followed the song’s success with the singles Congratulations and rockstar. The White Iverson beat is built around a pretty simple arrangement that features a lush, ambient synth pad over a synth bass kick and a trap-style hip-hop beat. There is also some clever vocal manipulation that uses Post's sampled vocals as a choir instrument in certain parts of the song. I'll use the powerful Xfer Serum synth to create the main pad and bass synths of the song, and also shed light on some production tricks to use for this type of slick hip-hop.

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Timecop1983 Synth Sounds

Synthwave is an electronic music genre heavily influenced by 80’s synthpop and film soundtracks, and has reached wider popularity in the last 10 years. One of it’s most popular artists is Timecop1983, a Dutch musician otherwise known as Jody Leenaerts, who combines nostalgic 80s synths with a dream-pop production aesthetic and melancholy songwriting. Last year he released the EP _Lovers, Pt. 2_, a follow-up to 2016’s _Lovers, Pt. 1_, which I’ll focus on deconstructing in this article.

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