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James Blake - Timeless Synths

This is a follow-up to my James Blake Synth Sounds article, in which I briefly looked at some classic James Blake sounds that he gets from his Prophet 08 synth. In this tutorial, I'll take a deep-dive on another James Blake song, Timeless from his 2016 album The Colour in Anything. After the song's release, Blake shared another version of the song featuring a verse by rapper Vince Staples. Kanye West was originally set to appear on the song, but the collaboration didn’t come together.

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James Blake Synth Sounds

James Blake is a British musician, whose distinct style incorporates Electronica, R&B, Soul and Dubstep, whilst combining acoustic and electronic elements to accompany his soulful voice. He has released three albums and collaborated with Beyoncé, Bon Iver, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean and Jay-Z. His sound palette relies on intimate pianos, glitchy vocals and thick synthesizers, mostly from his Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08. Blake has used the Prophet 08 as the main synth for his entire career, and its recognizable sound appears on all of his albums too. I'll dive into songs from each of his albums, deconstruct the synth patches and put them back together in the software synth Arturia Prophet V, a software emulation of an older Prophet synth.

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