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The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever Mellotron

In 1967 The Beatles released the song Strawberry Fields Forever which forever defined the psychedelic rock genre. The recording was complexly pieced together from multiple live takes or different arrangements, and although most of the song's genius is a product of John Lennon's writing and George Martin's production prowess, it's Paul McCartney's use of the Mellotron in the song that I'll focus on. 

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The Flaming Lips - Race for the Prize Synth

In 1999 The Flaming Lips finally achieved a mainstream breakthrough with their album The Soft Bulletin. The album opener Race for the Prize's mixture of emotional, Disney-esque strings, pounding rock drums and sci-fi lyrics set the tone for the rest of The Soft Bulletin, and is now their signature song and frequent set-opener. For a bit of background info on the recording of the song, check out the band discussing the song's inception in the Pitchfork Classic documentary for The Soft Bulletin. 

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Tame Impala Synth Sounds | Part Two

Welcome back to another episode of Tame Impala Synth Sounds; Part 1 was mainly about the Roland Juno-106 patches on 'Currents' and how to recreate them using the original hardware or using software. In this article I'm going to look at some of the different sounds used and how to recreate them. As I go through I'll mention the original hardware, the software alternative I use, and then the free software alternatives.

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