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Stranger Synths | Eight Fifteen

This past Friday, Netflix released the much awaited second season of its hit series Stranger Things, and season 1 composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the Austin-based synthwave band S U R V I V E returned for the second season with another excellent offering of 80's influenced synth music. The duo tend to favour vintage hardware synths and gravitate towards warm, lush analog sounds and emotional arrangements. Episode One of the new season, 'MADMAX', ends with a scene of Hopper and Eleven eating dinner accompanied by an uplifting synth piece called Eight Fifteen, which I'll break apart in this article.

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Stranger Synths | Biking to School

With the second season of Stranger Things just around the corner I want to take a quick look at a simple but exemplar track from the Stranger Things OST by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein of the band S U R V I V E. The group gravitate towards vintage synthesizers and favour live performance over MIDI programmed parts. To get an idea of how Dixon and Stein approach their music, check out's video S U R V I V E Explores Four Vintage Synths. The track I'm looking at is Biking to School, the song that plays when the gang ride their bikes to take a disguised Eleven to school.

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Stranger Synths | New Order - Elegia

I'm going to start the series off by looking at the song that plays during fake Will's funeral, Elegia by New Order. A dark instrumental featuring eerie sounding synths and guitars, the song was written in memory of Ian Curtis, lead singer of the band's former incarnation, Joy Division. The song was originally recorded in 1985 for the album Low-Life, and a 17 minute version was also released in 2002. Although not part of the original soundtrack composed by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon from Survive, the lush and eerie synths of Elegia sound right at home in Stranger Things. Many people will also know the song from the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer; here's my remake using some of the synths I'll cover:

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