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The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever Mellotron

In 1967 The Beatles released the song Strawberry Fields Forever which forever defined the psychedelic rock genre. The recording was complexly pieced together from multiple live takes or different arrangements, and although most of the song's genius is a product of John Lennon's writing and George Martin's production prowess, it's Paul McCartney's use of the Mellotron in the song that I'll focus on. 

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The 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' Keyboard Sound

Allegedly influenced by John Lennon's experimentation with LSD, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was originally released on the Beatles' 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It features two distinct musical parts: dreamlike verses in 3/4, and a straightahead rock chorus in 4/4. The song opens with an immediately recognisably arpeggio melody that sound somewhere between a harpsichord and a plucked guitar; I'll show you how create this sound using plugins and effects.

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