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Tycho – Division Synth Sound

Division was the first song to be released off the 2016 album Epoch. Featuring grinding guitars and post-rock-esque breaks, it has been the set closer for most of Tycho's Epoch tour shows. I'll demonstrate how to create a synth lead like the one used throughout the song on a Korg Minilogue, Native Instruments Monark, and in the free TAL-NoiseMaker, although any synth with 2 oscillators will be able to play this sound. Listen to the song below, the synth lead appears at 0:47

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Tycho - Awake Synth Sound

Tycho started out as something of a solo project for bandleader Scott Hansen, and has since evolved into an ambient rock band whose signature sound consists of swirling pads, dreamy synth leads, and muted electric guitars, usually backed by live drums and bass guitar, all washed out with a saturated wall of reverb.

I'm going to talk about the synth lead in the song Awake from the album of the same name. Here's what we're going to end up with:

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