Community Synth Preset Pack



The Community Synth Preset Pack is a free preset pack for readers of Reverb Machine, contributed to by fellow readers. The diverse pack includes presets for TAL U-NO-LX, Arturia Mini V & Pigments, Xfer Serum and Madrona Labs Aalto. Download the presets and use them to inspire you over the holidays, and be sure to check out the artists that contributed.

Happy Holidays from Reverb Machine!




Jonie is an indie-electronic artist and producer based in Nashville, TN, serving up cosmic-disco pop influenced by Prince, Toro y Moi, and Blood Orange.

Jonie’s presets are for XFer Serum, and they are super warm and vibey!



LWTHR has been making music on-and-off for the last 20 years. This year he put out two synthwave/chillwave EPs, with another currently underway. They’re simply called EP/One and Two, and are well worth checking out for cool 80s vibes.

LWTHR’s presets are for TAL U-NO-LX and Arturia Mini V. They are great for 80s inspired music, and benefit from chorus and a ton of plate reverb!



The Future Scares Me

Eli Sundelson is a keyboardist and organist based in Brooklyn, NY. His band is called The Future Scares Me. You can also find him playing organ at a Baptist church, or with his jazz trio. Originally from Berkeley, CA, Eli loves burritos and all things with knobs and keys.

Eli’s presets are for TAL U-NO-LX and Soundtoys EchoBoy, and are copies of patches originally made and recorded on his Juno-106 for the song Slow Down, by his band The Future Scares Me. Slow Down Intro is the sound at the beginning (and also end) of the song. This sound is fed through the EchoBoy preset Slow Down Delay. The TAL-U-No-LX preset Slow Down 1 is the Juno part played during the verse sections, and Slow Down 2 is from the chorus of the song.



George Shields

George Shields is an experimentalist from DC, who has been producing for 3 years. He enjoys making all kinds of electronic music, including ambient, plunderphonics, and experimental bass.

George’s presets are for the brand new Arturia Pigments, Mini V, and Ableton Live's Wavetable synth.




SOUNDEQUALS are a new sound library collaboration. Here’s what they have to say:

“SOUNDEQUALS is an Australian / U.S. music technology company. Specializing in evocative acoustics and sounds: sample libraries, virtual instruments and bespoke studio recordings. SOUNDEQUALS at its heart is a collaboration run by leading composers, artists, engineers and designers in the film and music industry. With a mission to build world class musical tools that sound true to life and then some... Stay tuned to hear more from us as launches. You can follow our development on the normal social media channels.

Happy Holidays and we hope you enjoy SOUNDEQUALS | JUNO Explorations for TAL U-NO-LX”

The SE Juno Explorations for TAL U-NO-LX comprises 16 high-quality presets, definitely worth checking out and keeping an eye on what they come out with in the future!


Healthy Lives

Healthy Lives is the electronic project of Matt Pinto, who has a forthcoming release called Interiors. He also runs the weekly newsletter Caesura. The newsletter features five links every week, focusing on resources and inspiration for musicians, noisemakers, and other sound-minded people.

Matthew’s preset is a droney sci-fi alien bass-scape for Madrona Labs Aalto, a fantastic semi-modular software synth. The drone has some heavy modulation, with some footsteps and malfunctioning generators thrown in the mix from time to time.