Horizons | Classic 80s Synth


Chorused Warmth

Horizons is a collection of classic analog synth patches for Ableton Live. The Roland JX-3P was used as a basis of the pack, with both factory presets and custom sounds present in the pack. The JX-3P is a classic analog synth with a huge 80s sound, similar to the Roland Juno series. This pack contains all the factory sounds from the JX-3P, alongside plenty of custom patches that push the JX-3P to the limit.

Artwork by Andreia Calhau


Programmable, Preset & Polyphonic

Often overlooking in comparison to its peers the Roland Juno and Jupiter series, the JX-3P is actually a more powerful synth than the Juno range, with two oscillators to the Juno’s one, whilst still retaining all the chorused greatness that makes the Juno so popular. The only drawback is the lack of controls, although this does lead to more playing and less tinkering. This pack contains sampled recreations of the JX-3P 32 factory presets, as well as an additional 32 customized preesets. The patches are faithful to the original JX-3P, but allow for more hands on control, with fully adjustable envelopes and modulation. Additionally, all of the oscillator samples were recorded through a Neve 1073 preamp for maximum analog warmth.






Requires Ableton Live 9.7 or later.

Horizons is included in the Ableton Bundle and the Complete Bundle.

Contains 64 synth patches and 609 WAV samples.

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