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Reverb Machine TAL U-NO-LX Soundbank


A collection of synth patches featuring huge Roland Juno sounds. The patches are perfect for use in psychedelic, indie, ambient and synthwave music, and were designed to inspire new songs. Features chorused-leads, swirling pads and huge bass sounds; most of the patches from the Reverb Machine tutorials can be found here.

Reverb Machine Farfisa Preset Bank

Farfisa Patches.jpg

A collection of organ patches for Arturia Farfisa V, which models the Farfisa combo organs of the 60s. This sound bank features classic psychedelic organ sounds, lush ambient pads and overdriven leads. All of the patches from the Reverb Machine tutorials are present as well as many more created exclusively for this preset bank.

Ableton Projects

These are the Ableton Projects I put together for my tutorials, each Project file comes with the MIDI tracks and plugin presets for synths, audio tracks for rhythm section tracks, and bounced audio tracks if plugins are missing. Additionally I’ve created Live Instrument Racks for each synth instrument; these can be fully tweaked and saved for use in your own projects.

Mac CoverThe Ableton Live Project from the Chamber of Reflection tutorial. Pond CoverThe Ableton Live Project from the Sweep Me Off My Feet tutorial.
Awake CoverThe Ableton Live Project from the Awake tutorial. Bundle CoverAll 3 Ableton Project files in one download.

 Sampled Instruments

Coming soon.