Arturia Prophet V Presets

The Sound of the Legendary Prophet

The sounds of the classic Prophet-5 and modern Prophet 08 synths, recreated as 200 patches for Arturia Prophet V. These perfectly crafted sounds will get your new tracks started right away, and allow you to focus on the songwriting element of the creative process. Heavy basses, lush pads, psychedelic keys, and everything in between; take these presets and be inspired.

Arturia Prophet-V is a software emulation of the Prophet-5 synth, check it out here.

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The Prophet V Presets take advantage of Prophet’s fantastic sound and raw power. Some of the patches are simple, and focus on sound; the patches BrasszillaGrandiose Strings and Super Rich are all designed as workhorse patches that will sound incredible in any situation. Load these up for instant inspiration, and to give any song that classic synth sound.

Some of the patches use the Prophet’s diverse sound design elements to emulate real instruments, for example organschoirs, and electric pianos. These have a distinctly synthetic feel, and allow for creative manipulation of the sound, or the ability to bring a synthetic character into an otherwise organic setting

Many of the sounds draw on the Prophet’s advanced modulation capabilities to create unique soundscapes. The Prophet’s poly-mod, vector wavetables, and analog delay have all been experimented on, fully manipulated, and totally abused to craft weird sounds that nobody has ever heard before.

Additionally, all the patches from my tutorials have been collected, tweaked, adjusted, and included in this bank. The library is neatly organised, with all of the sounds integrated into Arturia’s pre-existing categories for easy navigation in a pinch. 

Prophet Presets Demos

  • Prophet V Presets 00:00
  • Brassy 00:00
  • Organs 00:00
  • Pro Pad 00:00
  • Psychedelic 00:00
  • Broken 00:00
  • Keys 00:00
  • Basses 00:00


To use these presets you will already need a copy of either Arturia Prophet V or Arturia Analog Lab 4.

The Prophet V bank requires version 3.6.0 or higher. The Analog Lab 4 bank requires version version 4.2.3 or higher. Both banks feature identical presets.

The plugin synths Arturia Prophet V and Analog Lab are not included in the Arturia Prophet V Presets download. They are available from either the Arturia website or Splice's Rent-to-Own plans.

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