Holiday Bundles

The following bundles will be available throughout the holiday period until mid-January. Each bundle offers big savings compared to buying packs individual, and they are grouped by DAW/soft-synth. Please be sure to check the individual product pages for software requirements before purchasing.

If you have already purchased a pack but are still interested in getting one of the bundles, let us know via the contact page and we can send a discount code.

TAL U-NO-LX Sounds Bundle

The TAL U-NO-LX Sounds Bundle combines my TAL U-NO-LX Presets pack with the new Juno Jazz pack, for a total of 280 brand new sounds for TAL U-NO-LX. Check out the individual product pages below for demos:

Bought Individually: $29
Bundle Price: $19

Arturia Presets Bundle

The Arturia Presets Bundle features four preset collections for the Arturia V Collection of synths. Included in this bundle is Untamed Prophecy, a brand new set of psychedelic presets for Arturia Prophet V.

Bought Individually: $83
Bundle Price: $49

Sampled Instrument Bundle

The Sampled Instrument Bundle includes my sampled instrument patches that work with Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro X and Studio One:

Bought Individually: $97
Bundle Price: $49

Ableton Sounds Bundle

The Ableton Sounds Bundle contains all my sounds pack for Ableton Live, featuring synth presets, keyboard organ sounds and drum kits. Note that the most recent packs require Ableton v10.1, and the Wavetable Presets require Ableton Suite. Here’s what’s included:

Bought Individually: $153
Bundle Price: $69

Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle features almost every single pack on the site in one purchase. Here’s the full list of everything included:

Note that the Midnight sample pack and ILIO Omnisphere 2 preset packs are not included in this bundle.
Bought Individually: $318
Bundle Price: $129
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