The following bundles offer savings when buying all of our packs compared to individual packs. We offer a bundle for our Arturia V Collection preset packs, a bundle of our Ableton Live packs as well as bundle that collects almost all of our packs into one purchase. To use the Arturia Bundle you’ll need V Collection 8, to use the Ableton Live Bundle you’ll need Ableton Live 10.1 or later. The Everything Bundle also contains packs for u-he Repro and TAL U-NO-LX. Please be sure to check the individual product pages for software requirements before purchasing.

Arturia Presets Bundle

The Arturia Presets Bundle rounds up six preset collections for the Arturia V Collection of synths. Included in this bundle is the brand new Europa pack for Arturia Jup-8 V4. You will need either the Arturia V Collection 8 or Analog Lab V to use these presets.

Bought Individually: $119
Bundle Price: $79

Ableton Sounds Bundle

The Ableton Sounds Bundle contains all my sounds pack for Ableton Live, featuring synth presets, keyboard organ sounds and drum kits. Here’s what’s included:

Bought Individually: $153
Bundle Price: $89

Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle features almost every single pack on the site in one purchase. Here’s the full list of everything included:

The Midnight sample pack, the Memories preset pack and ILIO Omnisphere 2 preset packs are not included in this bundle.
Bought Individually: $323
Bundle Price: $139
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