The following bundles offer savings when buying all of our packs compared to individual packs. We offer a bundle for our Arturia V Collection preset packs, a bundle of our Ableton Live packs as well as bundle that collects almost all of our packs into one purchase. To use the Arturia Bundle you’ll need V Collection 8, to use the Ableton Live Bundle you’ll need Ableton Live 10.1 or later. The Everything Bundle also contains packs for u-he Repro and TAL U-NO-LX. Please be sure to check the individual product pages for software requirements before purchasing.

If you have already purchased packs and are interested in getting one of the bundles, let us know via the upgrade form and we can send a discount code.

Arturia Presets Bundle

The Arturia Presets Bundle rounds up six preset collections for the Arturia V Collection of synths. Included in this bundle is the brand new Europa pack for Arturia Jup-8 V4. You will need either the Arturia V Collection 8 or Analog Lab V to use these presets.
Bought Individually: $119
Bundle Price: $79

Ableton Sounds Bundle

The Ableton Sounds Bundle contains all my sounds pack for Ableton Live, featuring synth presets, keyboard organ sounds and drum kits. Here’s what’s included:
Bought Individually: $153
Bundle Price: $89

Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle features almost every single pack on the site in one purchase. Here’s the full list of everything included:

Note that the Midnight sample pack and ILIO Omnisphere 2 preset packs are not included in this bundle.
Bought Individually: $323
Bundle Price: $139

Bundle Upgrades

Upgrade prices are available to customers who already own one or more packs included in a bundle. If you are missing any packs from your collection, use the form below to request an upgrade!

Upgrades are calculated based on the full price of the collection and how many packs you own. For each product in the collection you own, you will qualify for a reduction in the price. You’ll be sent a discount code via email, which you can apply at checkout to receive the upgrade price. Please allow 24 hours to receive the discount code email.

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