Digital Nostalgia

ableton jv1080 presets

JV is a collection of digital synth patches for Ableton Live, FL Studio, Studio One and Logic Pro X. The patches are inspired by and sampled from the Roland JV-1080, a 90s rack mounted-synth that utilises both samples and synthesis to generate realistic sounds, at least for the time. The sounds may be now inherently dated, but they still retain a nostalgic charm. The JV-1080 was used heavily on Currents by Tame Impala, where it provides the organs, choirs and synth brass sounds that give the album its unique quality.

jv-1080 synth ableton macro

Digital Tones

JV includes 25 synth patches that use multisamples of the JV-1080 to bring its sounds directly into your DAW. The JV-1080 was used on Tame Impala’s Currents, and this pack includes patches for the cathedral organ in Yes I’m Changing; choir, keys and synth from Love/Paranoia; choir and distorted organ from List of People; as well as the synth from Gossip. The patches open opportunities for manipulation and further sound design exploration.

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JV Demos

All synth sounds are presets from the JV pack.

  • Jet Pad Choir 00:00
  • Cathedral Organ 00:00
  • Pure Tibet Atmosphere 00:00
  • MKS-80 Brass 00:00


The JV download comes with presets for the following DAWs:

  • Ableton 9.7 or higher
  • FL Studio Direct Wave
  • Studio One 4 or higher
  • Logic Pro X EXS24/Sampler
rm knob faded
ableton jv1080 presets


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JV is also available in the Ableton Sounds Bundle and the Everything Bundle.