MGMT “Little Dark Age” Remake Project

This pack contains my popular remake of MGMT’s Little Dark Age, as featured in my MGMT’s Little Dark Age Synth Sounds article.

I spent a long time on the main synth in this song to get it right before turning my attention to the other sounds. The main synth is quite an unusual sound, with lots of modulation and a unique timbre. I couldn’t find any real info on which synthesizers were used in the original song, so I used Xfer Serum for it’s versatility and power as well as Arturia Prophet V3 and Mini V for some analog character.

project screen mgmt little dark age

The included Ableton Live Project features the following tracks:

Little Dark Age

13 synth tracks:

  • Main Synth (Serum)
  • Main Synth Layer (Serum)
  • Chorus Keys (Prophet V3)
  • Mallets (Serum)
  • Bridge Lead (Serum)
  • Rhythmic Synth 1 (Serum)
  • Rhythmic Synth 2 (Serum)
  • High String (Serum)
  • Outro String (Prophet V3)
  • Fat Bass (Serum)
  • Fat Bass Mono Double (Serum)
  • Chorus Bass Plucks (Mini V)
  • Sub Bass (Serum)

1 guitar track

5 drum tracks:

  • Drum Beats
  • Hats Loose
  • Hats Tight
  • Tom Fill
  • FX Noise


This Ableton Live Project requires Ableton Live 11 and uses the following plugins:


  • Arturia Mini V
  • Arturia Prophet V
  • Xfer Serum


  • iZotope Ozone Imager 2 (free plugin)
  • Soundtoys Decapitator
  • Soundtoys EchoBoy
  • Soundtoys Little Plate
  • TAL Chorus (free plugin)
  • Valhalla ShimmerVerb
  • Valhalla VintageVerb

All tracks have been frozen so if you’re missing any of the above plugins, you’ll still be able to hear the tracks and play the project. If you own the plugins, you can unfreeze the tracks to edit the sounds.