Trails | Ambient Machines

Trails is a collection of sampled synthesizers processed with fully wet reverb and delay effects to create ambient soundscape machines. The ten sounds comprise samples of a Roland Juno-106, Prophet-08, Moog Sub 37 and Waldorf Blofeld run through delay and reverb effects by Strymon, Empress and Chase Bliss. Effects and patches have been chosen to create a diverse set of instruments, from bright synth pads to unstable drones. The Trails patches are perfect for ambient music, but are also great for adding complex layers any genres.


  • Atlas 00:00
  • Atom 00:00
  • Brau 00:00
  • Delta 00:00
  • Epsilon 00:00
  • Haas 00:00
  • North 00:00
  • Pluto 00:00
  • Tenma 00:00
  • Uran 00:00


Available Formats

Ableton Live 9.7 or later
FL Studio
Studio One
Logic Pro X
198 WAV Samples

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