If you're having issues opening any of the synth presets, Ableton Live sessions or sampled instruments on this site, this is the page is for you.

Expired Download Links

Download links expire 24 hours after they're first clicked, this is a Squarespace feature and not up to me. If your link has expired and you didn't download the file, send me a message with your order number and I'll resend you the download link straight away.


All the Ableton Sessions were created with Ableton Live 9.7, so you'll need version 9.7 or later to open them. The plugins in the Ableton Sessions are VST plugins, which work on both Windows and Mac. In the past they were all AU plugins, so were Mac only, but are now all Windows friendly! Most compatibility issues are caused by opening newer presets with older version plugins. If presets aren't recognized, or blank presets are loading in the Sessions, then update the offending plugins.

For Arturia plugins: open Arturia Software Center to update plugins.

For TAL U-NO-LX: you have to go to to the product page and download the latest version.

If you have tried all the above and nothing has worked, please send me an email with your specific issue, including the version number of your Ableton Live and plugins (where relevant), and I will try to assist you in getting everything working as it should. Unfortunately I am not able to issue refunds for digital downloads.