Music Radar “Selected Ambient Works 85-92” Article

I got offered an opportunity to do freelance writing for MusicRadar and decided to use use it to write broader articles than the deep dives I normally write on here, as well as to cover different albums and artists.

My first article as a writer for MusicRadar covers Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works 85-92. The album is one of the most iconic early 90s electronic albums, and I wanted to write about it for MusicRadar’s audience, however, I’d also already completed a separate article for my own site.

Whereas my article took a deep dive into my recreations of the tracks Ageispolis, Pulsewidth and Xtal, the MusicRadar article instead takes a broader look at sounds that appear throughout the album, including pads on Heliosphan, bass sounds on We Are the Music Makers, Ptolemy and Green Calx, the lead sound on Schottkey 7th Path, the DX7 on WATMM and Actium as well as some drum programming analysis.

The Ableton Projects used for the audio clips in the MusicRadar articles are available as ‘incomplete remakes’ on my Patreon page.