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Reverb Machine is the work of Dan Carr, a London-based musician & producer. You can find me on the following social sites, follow me to stay up to date on new articles, patches and more. I often share works-in-progress before they hit the site, so definitely get involved! 

The isometric synthesizer artworks are created by Andreia Calhau and the Synth Sounds illustrations are created by Makarxart.


My Patreon page is the best way to support the site whilst also getting access to extra Reverb Machine content. I use the Patreon page as a way of sharing works-in-progress, synth remakes that are too short to warrant having a full article, as well as all the working files from my articles.

I have just one tier at the moment, the $5 Supporter tier. For pledging this amount every month, you’ll get access to:

The exclusive short articles include my remakes of the following songs:

  • MGMT’s She Works Out Too Much
  • Radiohead’s Burn the Witch
  • Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross’ In Motion
  • Tycho’s A Walk

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The following packs work in Ableton 9.7 or later (any edition):

  • RM-20
  • Porta
  • Trails
  • Omni
  • JV
  • Drumtraks
  • Vice

The following packs work in Ableton 10.1 (any edition):

  • Horizons
  • Monolith

The following packs work in Ableton 10 (Suite only):

  • Ableton Wavetable Presets

The following packs include sampler presets for the respective samplers of FL Studio, Logic Pro X and Studio One:

  • RM-20
  • Porta
  • Trails
  • JV
  • Drumtraks
  • Vice

The first thing to try is to update your DAW or soft synth to the latest version, as using older versions of software to open patches made on newer versions almost always causes issues. If you’ve updated your software but are still having issues, get in touch!

This is caused by opening the presets on an older version of the Arturia plugin than the preset was made in. Run the Arturia Software Center app and update your plugins to the latest version to fix the issue.

This error message occurs if the Ableton patches can’t find the samples in the downloads WAV folder, usually caused by moving/deleting the download or the WAV folder inside the download.

The easiest way to fix it is to delete the pack, redownload it, and then move it to a folder where it won’t get moved (like a Samples folder) and try reinstalling via the drag-and-drop method.

Make sure you’re using the full version of Kontakt to run the packs. Our patches do not work in Kontakt Player.

The easiest way to fix this issue is to add the WAV folder from the download into the “Audio Music Apps/Sampler Instruments” folder (the same location as the patches).

Most DirectWave issues are caused by either using an older version of DirectWave, or from DirectWave not being able to find the WAV samples that are part of the patches.

If you’re using a version of FL Studio earlier then FL Studio 20, try updating to the latest version. Make sure the WAV folder with the samples has been moved to the DirectWave folder so that the patches can find the samples.

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