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My Patreon page is the best way to support the site whilst also while unlocking a treasure trove of exclusive content. I’m always putting together synth presets and Ableton Live Projects, and not all of it makes it to the main site. I use my Patreon page as a way of sharing all these extra resources, as well as a place to share smaller tutorials and guides. If you want even more remakes, synth presets and tutorials, then you’ve come to the right place; becoming a Supporter gives you access to:

Exclusive Remakes

I share exclusive song remakes and presets not featured in full articles—these are requested by supporters, unused article remakes, or created for my preset packs. Supporters can download presets, Ableton projects, and MIDI/stems from these remakes. You can preview some of them here.

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Request Threads

I regularly host request threads where supporters can suggest songs for me to dissect, recreating sounds and analyzing music theory and production techniques. All resulting presets are shared in a dedicated folder.

Preset Packs

Supporters can download mini preset packs for synths not commonly featured on the main site, such as Arturia Pigments, DX7 V and Xfer Serum, along with my exclusive Moog DFAM sample pack.

Synth Tutorials

Sound design tutorials that delve deep into topics such as advanced LFOs, X-Mod and FM synthesis, along with detailed guides for specific synths, and a lookinto my go-to synth recipes for creating presets.

Mixing Resources

As well as tutorials on mixing and specific effects and plugins, you’ll also found Unmixed Stems: two collections of multitrack stems from my remakes without any effects or processing; perfect for mixing practice!