Aphex Twin Remake Projects

This pack contains four Aphex Twin remakes of tracks from Selected Ambient Works 85-92, including the three remakes featured in my Aphex Twin article (Ageispolis, Pulsewidth and Xtal) as well as a full remake of We Are The Music Makers, which can be seen on YouTube.

The most challenging things to get right for these remakes were the drums and the overall production. The album was originally recorded on cassette, and it has a distorted sound throughout that I tried to recreate in a few ways, the main being using Decapitator and RC-20 Retro Colour on the master channel for all the remakes. Other than that, all the synths are from Arturia Prophet-5 V and DX7 V and I used the original samples in Xtal and We Are the Music Makers.

I didn’t have access to a Roland R-8 while putting together these remakes, so they don’t use samples from my DrumVerse R8 pack. As such I had to mix-and-match sounds from different sample packs and process the sounds to match the sounds in the original songs.

project screen aphex twin

The projects featured in this pack include the following tracks:


3 synth tracks:

  • Melody
  • Chords
  • Bass

4 drum tracks:

  • Beat 1
  • Beat 2
  • Ambient Hits
  • Bass Drum


3 synth tracks:

  • Stabs
  • Lead
  • Bass

2 drum tracks:

  • Pulsewidth Kit
  • Perc

We Are the Music Makers

1 sampler track

2 synth tracks:

  • Keys
  • Bass

1 drum tracks


1 sampler tracks

1 synth track

4 drum tracks:

  • Drum Break
  • Snare Pattern
  • Hi Hats
  • Bass Drum

All four Ableton Live Projects require Ableton Live 11 and they use the following plugins:


  • Arturia DX7 V
  • Arturia Prophet-5 V


  • Soundtoys Decapitator
  • iZotope Ozone Imager 2 (free plugin)
  • Valhalla VintageVerb
  • XLN RC-20 Retro Color (master channel effect only)

All tracks have been frozen so if you’re missing any of the above plugins, you’ll still be able to hear the tracks and play the project. If you own the plugins, you can unfreeze the tracks to edit the sounds.