Unique Presets for TAL U-NO-LX

Cornerstone is a collection of unique and creative sounds for TAL U-NO-LX, featuring 80 carefully handcrafted presets, perfect for any producer or musician looking to expand their sonic palette. The sounds in Cornerstone range from classic, vintage sounds to modern, experimental ones, giving you a wealth of options for your music. The presets take advantage of recent TAL U-NO-LX features such as unison and onboard effects for detailed sounds ready to inspire new tracks.

The 80 presets in Cornerstone were all created from scratch and are exclusive to this pack. Every preset was designed to give you maximum flexibility and creativity, giving your tracks a unique, sleek sound. You can expect the same high-quality sounds you’ve come to expect from my remakes, all within TAL U-NO-LX without the need for external delays or reverbs to bring the sounds to life.

cornerstone synth presets

Cornerstone Demos

All synth sounds created entirely with Cornerstones presets with no extra effects.

  • Staple Pop Pad 00:00
  • Limitations Pad 00:00
  • Landscapes Arp 00:00
  • Ghosted Pad 00:00
  • Transformation Pluck 00:00


To use the Cornerstone presets you will need a copy of either the desktop or iPad version of TAL U-NO-LX.

You will need version 4.7.2 or higher. TAL U-NO-LX is not included in the Cornerstone download. It is a separate purchase available here.



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Cornerstone is also available in the Everything Bundle.