Esoteric Presets for Arturia CZ V

Cosmo is my new preset pack for the Arturia CZ V synthesizer, with a strong focus on unusual and esoteric sounds. This collection features 80 brand-new presets, exclusively created for this pack, including everything from distorted basses and evolving synth keys to ambient pads and generative arpeggiator patches. Each preset has been handcrafted with full effect chains, as well as custom-mapped macro controls to help you shape and adapt the sounds to your own creative vision.
arturia cz v presets
Arturia CZ V is modeled on the Casio CZ-1 and CZ-101, digital synthesizers that use a unique type of synthesis called Phase Distortion Synthesis. This method involves modulating sine waves to produce more complex tones. Other features of the CZ-series that I love include the ability to independently modulate each oscillator for intricate, layered sounds, and the ring-modulator that lets you create harmonically rich sounds. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, the Cosmo preset pack is a great way to add depth and texture to your tracks.
cosmo patch view

Cosmo Demos

All synth sounds created entirely with Cosmo presets with no extra effects.

  • Mass Action Law 00:00
  • Mezzazine 00:00
  • Gestation Period 00:00
  • Symmetry Arps 00:00


To use the Cosmo presets, you must have either Arturia CZ V or Arturia Analog Lab. Analog Lab is available in a free version called Analog Lab Play, which is compatible with these presets.

The CZ V bank requires version 1.7.1 or higher. The Analog Lab bank requires version version 5.6.3 or higher. Both banks feature identical presets.



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Cosmo is also available in the Arturia Presets Bundle and the Everything Bundle.