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Drumtraks is a sampled recreation of the Sequential Circuits Drumtraks drum machine. The original SCI Drumtraks was released in 1984, had thirteen fully programmable sounds, and was the very first drum machine to feature MIDI. This pack samples every drum sound in every possibly tuning, and offers more flexibility than the original unit. You can use the full drum kit or layer single hits with other drum machines and real drum recordings.

Drumtraks has tons of sound-sculpting capabilities, containing the original hardware’s Volume and Tuning knobs, and expanding that functionality. Some of the drums have extra tuning ranges, there is Panning control, not available on the original hardware, and Decay, allowing you to tame some of the longer samples length, such as the detuned cymbals. Velocity control allows you to control the instruments volume via MIDI velocity, just as the original hardware responds to velocity when hooked up to a MIDI input. Lastly, the three effects, DriveComp and Verb allow you to shape the sounds to add shine or grit to the drum sounds. Note that these controls are Ableton specific.


  • Drumtraks Psychedelic 00:00
  • Drumtraks Synthwave 00:00


Available Formats

Ableton Live 9.7 or later
FL Studio
Studio One
Logic Pro X
208 24bit WAV Samples

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