Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle includes almost every sound pack on the site for a huge discounted price of 59% off. The full collection includes all of our packs for the Arturia V Collection, TAL U-NO-LX and Ableton Live as well as our packs for FL Studio, Logic Pro X and Studio One.

This bundle includes every pack on the site apart from the u-he Repro Presets, the Memories pack for Cherry Audio Memorymode and the Midnight and Future Garage sample packs.

Contains 24 preset packs worth $438.

What's Included?

DrumVerse R8

A sampled recreation of the 90s studio drum machine, including all expansion card sounds, famously used by Aphex Twin, Prince and The Cure.


Esoteric sounds for Arturia CZ V featuring everything from distorted basses and evolving synth keys to ambient pads and generative arpeggiator patches.  


Unique and creative sounds for TAL U-NO-LX, featuring 80 carefully handcrafted presets, perfect for any producer or musician looking to expand their sonic palette.

Robot Funk

daft punk synth presets
Robot Funk is a French House synth preset pack for the Arturia V Collection and Analog Lab V featuring remakes of popular synth sounds used by Daft Punk.


ableton live tape loops
Motions is a collection of 50 lo-fi ambient patches for Ableton Live 11 combining tape and granular samples with custom effects chains.


omnichord ableton live
Omni brings the sound of the Suzuki Omnichord to Ableton Live, freshly updated for Ableton Live 11.


arturia jup8 presets
Featuring 150 classic and unique presets, Europa is an epic new preset pack for Arturia Jup-8 V4 and Analog Lab V.


obxa legends header
A collection of 100 famous presets for Arturia OB-Xa V and Analog Lab V with a focus on recreating classic sounds from some of the biggest hits of the early 80s.


arturia obxa v presets
Original, modern sounds for Arturia OB-Xa V and Analog Lab V, featuring lo-fi keys, ambient pads, creative arpeggiators, and sunset-drenched synthwave patches.

Untamed Prophecy

arturia prophet 6 tame impala presets
Untamed Prophecy recreates the sounds of  Tame Impala, The Flaming Lips, Pond and more in Arturia Prophet V3.

Juno Jazz

juno jazz presets
Retro indie-rock presets for TAL U-NO-LX and Arturia Jun-6 V based on the sounds of Mac DeMarco, Homeshake, Men I Trust, Gus Dapperton and more.


roland jx3p horizons
Retro synthwave presets with an analog flavour for Ableton Live.


korg synth ableton live
Monolith is a set of 80 unique arp synth presets for Ableton Live, with a focus on inspiring, creative sequences and analog sounds.


linndrum ableton live
LinnDrum samples and kits based on rare alternate chips, as used by Tears for Fears and Jan Hammer.


Arturia SEM presets
Organic pads, generative sequences and bright keys for Arturia SEM V and Analog Lab V.


ableton jv1080 presets
JV is a collection of digital synth patches with nostalgic charm inspired by the Roland JV-1080.

Ableton Wavetable Presets

ableton live wavetable presets 2
This Ableton Wavetable preset pack contains 120 custom synth sounds including both and experimental sounds.


drumtraks ableton live
Drumtraks is a sampled recreation of the Sequential Circuits Drumtraks drum machine, used on many eighties records and more recently Tame Impala.


Yamaha PSS480 porta presets
Porta samples the sounds of the Yamaha PSS-480, an small FM synth used by artists such as Phoenix.


rm20 beach house synth
RM-20 is a collection of Beach House synths, organs and keys sounds using samples from the Yamaha PS-20.


arturia mini v presets
Essential analog basses, leads, organs, electric pianos, modulated sequences and ambient patches for Arturia Mini V and Analog Lab V.


arturia prophet v presets
Modern and vintage Prophet-5 sounds for Arturia Prophet V and Analog Lab V.


tal uno lx presets
A versatile set of 120 presets covering a range of genres for TAL U-NO-LX, a software emulation of the Juno-60.