Frank Ocean “Channel Orange” Projects

This pack contains two Ableton Live projects that were featured in my Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE Synth Sounds article that I published for the 10th anniversary of channel ORANGE. These are full remakes of the tracks Lost and Thinkin Bout You.

These are relatively beginner-friendly Frank Ocean songs: Lost has a traditional R&B sound with lots of real-instrument sounds such as Wurlitzer, organ and guitar to support the main synth hook. Thinkin Bout You is based on a single pad sound that carries the entire song. The original pad is from Xpand!, but I recreated it using two instances of Arturia Prophet V. I used Xpand! for all the other songs sounds. If you don’t have Xpand!, all tracks are frozen so you can still play the project.

I recorded two electric guitar tracks and one bass guitar track for the Lost project, these were tracked through a Kemper Profiler Amp with additionally processing in Ableton Live.
project screen frank lost

The projects featured in this pack include the following tracks:


8 midi tracks:

  • Main Hook (Mini V)
  • Strings High + Low (Mellotron V)
  • Bridge Lead (Mini V)
  • Wurlitzer (Wurli V2)
  • Synth Arp (OP-Xa V)
  • Piano (Piano V)
  • Organ Stabs (B-3 V)

3 guitar tracks:

  • Guitar Stabs
  • Guitar Main
  • Bass Guitar

2 drum tracks:

  • Hi Hats
  • Drum Kit

Thinkin Bout You

8 midi tracks:

  • Synth Pad (Prophet V3)
  • Organ (Prophet V3)
  • Strings Intro (Xpand!)
  • Strings 1 (Xpand!)
  • Strings 2 (Xpand!)
  • Strings 3 (Xpand!)
  • Guitar (Xpand!)
  • Bass (Xpand!)

1 drum track

  • Drum Kit

These Ableton Live Projects requires Ableton Live 11 and use the following plugins:


  • AIR Xpand!2
  • Arturia B-3 V
  • Arturia Mellotron V
  • Arturia Mini V
  • Arturia OP-Xa V
  • Arturia Piano V
  • Arturia Prophet V3


  • Izotope Ozone Imager 2 (free plugin)
  • Soundtoys Decapitator
  • Soundtoys LittlePlate
  • Valhalla Room
  • Valhalla VintageVerb

All tracks have been frozen so if you’re missing any of the above plugins, you’ll still be able to hear the tracks and play the project. If you own the plugins, you can unfreeze the tracks to edit the sounds.