Synthwave Presets for Ableton Live

roland jx3p horizons

Horizons is a collection of 80 retro synthwave presets with an analog flavour for Ableton Live. Classic hardware synths from the 1980s were sampled and combined with Ableton’s powerful sampler and native effects to create a library of track-ready synthwave sounds, including basses, arps, keys, pads and FX. Horizons has everything you need to get started making synthwave tracks in Ableton Live, with sounds from the biggest songs in the genre recreated in Ableton Live alongside fresh original sounds, all ready to be used in your next song.

Horizons Chillwave Synths

Retro Sounds

The Horizons presets use analog waveform samples from the Roland JX-3P and Korg MonoPoly, which give them a virtual  analog sound within Ableton Live. The JX-3P is a classic 80s synth with a warm, chorused sound, similar to the Roland Juno synths. The MonoPoly’s raw oscillator sounds are used for synthwave presets with a fat analog sound, such as classic fat basses. The Ableton Instrument Racks retain the analog sound of these classic synths, while still allowing you to fully customize and tweak the patches, such as opening and closing filters, adjusting envelope times, and add effects.

horizons hardware synth

Horizons v2

This pack is a complete refresh of my original Horizons pack, released in 2019. The new pack features the same analog synth samples but with a completely overhauled set of presets designed for Ableton Live 10. Whereas the original pack focused on recreated the JX-3P factory presets, the updated presets focus on classic synthwave tracks. I recreated many sounds from the top NewRetroWave and Electronic Gems songs for this collection, as well as putting together original creative sounds to round off the set.

rm horizons patchlist

Horizons Demos

All sounds (apart from drums) made with Horizons presets.

  • VHS Dreams 00:00
  • Space 00:00
  • Switched On 00:00


To use the Horizons presets you will need a copy of Ableton Live version 10.1 or higher. The pack will work with all editions of Live including Live Intro & Live Lite.

rm knob faded
roland jx3p horizons


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Horizons is also available in the Ableton Sounds Bundle and the Everything Bundle.