Cherry Audio Memorymode Presets

Memories is a comprehensive collection of 100 original presets for Cherry Audio Memorymode, designed to fully utilize the powerful capabilities of this advanced software emulation of the Moog Memorymoog. The original Memorymoog hardware synth was a marvel in its time, often likened to having six Minimoogs packed into one formidable unit. With three oscillators per voice and a comprehensive modulation system controlling all six filters, the Memorymoog stood out for its rich, textured sounds. One of its most notable features was the massive 18-oscillator unison mode, enabling the creation of enormous detuned bass sounds. The presets featured in Memories were crafted to enhance and showcase the unique capabilities of the Memorymoog, bringing its legendary sound to modern music production.

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As a rare and sought-after polyphonic synth from Moog Music, the Memorymoog marked the end of an era, being their last truly polyphonic Moog until the inroduction of the Moog One in 2018. In its heyday, the Memorymoog was a formidable competitor to other famous polysynths of its time, such as the Sequential Prophet-5 and Oberheim OB-Xa. Now, Cherry Audio’s Memorymode not only replicates the core sound of the Memorymoog but also improves upon it by addressing the original’s notorious reliability issues. Additionally, it enhances the user experience with an advanced arpeggiator and a suite of high-quality onboard effects, making these new sounds a must-have for synth enthusiasts and music producers.

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The carefully curated sounds in the Memories collection are a tribute to what the Memorymoog did best: huge polyphonic sounds, dynamic modulated movements, atmospheric cinematic pads, and iconic Moog basses and leads. This set of presets was designed to get the most out of the Memorymode’s unique feature set, with particular focus to its distinctive Voice Modulation section and Chord Memory abilities. Whether you are looking to recreate the classic Memorymoog sound in your music or seeking inspiration for new songs, the Memories preset pack for Cherry Audio Memorymode offers a versatile solution.

Memories Preset Demos

All synth tracks are Memories presets with no extra effects.

  • Daydreams 00:00
  • Zora Domain Arp 00:00
  • Ghosts of Forever Pad 00:00
  • Scale the Summit Pad 00:00
  • Fragility Organ 00:00


To use the Memories pack you will need to already own the Cherry Audio Memorymode plugin. Memorymode is not included in the Memories preset pack purchase, it is a separate purchase available here.