Men I Trust Remake Projects

This pack contains all three Ableton Live Projects featured in my Men I Trust Synth Sounds article, which are complete remakes of the songs Norton Commander, Numb and Tailwhip.

This was one of the most requested articles I’ve been getting, second only to MGMT’s Little Dark Age which I tackled shortly before this one. The Men I Trust remakes were some of the most challenging ones I’ve put together. The synth parts were relatively straightforward, but recreating the “live band” sound of guitar, drums and bass were the biggest challenges. I tried a few different samples, plugins and techniques before eventually being happy with the sounds.

As such, these projects are very audio track heavy, with lots of layered guitars and a full bass guitar performance for each remake. You can check out the full bass guitar effects chain in these projects, which uses UAD Ampeg SVTVR for an amp sound and Soundtoys FilterFreak1 for the auto-wah in Norton Commander. If don’t have those plugins, all tracks are frozen so you can still play the project.

project screen men i trust

The included Ableton Live Projects contain the following tracks:

Norton Commander

1 synth track:

  • Synth Chords

6 guitar tracks:

  • Guitar Wah Lead
  • Guitar Chords Left
  • Guitar Chords Right
  • High Guitar Left
  • High Guitar Right
  • Bass Guitar

1 drum track:

  • Norton Commander Kit


3 synth tracks:

  • Synth Lead
  • Synth Chords
  • DX7 Melody

10 guitar tracks:

  • Guitar Wah Lead
  • Guitar Wah Lead Extras
  • Guitar Arps
  • Guitar Chords
  • Guitar Extras 1
  • Guitar Extras 2
  • Guitar Extras 3
  • Outro Melody Left
  • Outro Melody Right
  • Bass Guitar

3 drum tracks:

  • Snare
  • Kick
  • Hi-hat


5 synth tracks:

  • Synth Chords
  • Xylophone
  • Lead
  • RM-20 Piano
  • PM Synth Layer

6 guitar tracks:

  • Palm Mute Guitar 1
  • Palm Mute Guitar 2
  • Arp Guitar
  • Melody Guitar
  • Chords Guitar
  • Bass Guitar

6 drum tracks:

  • Tailwhip Kit
  • Cymbals x4
  • Rev Cymbal

These Ableton Live Projects require Ableton Live 11 and use the following plugins:


  • Arturia DX7 V (Numb only)


  • iZotope Ozone Imager 2 (free plugin)
  • RC-20 Retro Color (Norton Commander only)
  • Soundtoys Decapitator
  • Soundtoys Echoboy
  • Soundtoys FilterFreak1 (Norton Commander bass guitar only)
  • Soundtoys LittlePlate
  • TAL Chorus (free plugin)
  • UAD Ampeg SVTVR Classic (bass guitar only)
  • Valhalla VintageVerb

All tracks have been frozen so if you’re missing any of the above plugins, you’ll still be able to hear the tracks and play the project. If you own the plugins, you can unfreeze the tracks to edit the sounds.