Electronic Shoegaze Loops

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Midnight is a collection of synth and electronic drum loops, meticulously crafted to echo the ethereal soundscapes of M83. This expansive pack, created in collaboration with Look Mum No Drums, boasts a staggering 603 samples. It’s a treasure trove for producers and musicians aiming to capture the essence of M83’s synth-driven sonic universe. The collection encompasses a wide array of sounds – from majestic synth pads and resonant basslines to intricate modular sequences, captivating arpeggios, dynamic leads, rhythmic drum and percussion loops, crisp one-shot drums, mesmerizing vocal plucks, and even bass guitar lines. 

The loop tempos in Midnight range from 65bpm, perfect for crafting dreamy ambient pieces, to a lively 125bpm suited for upbeat indie tracks. These loops offer a rich canvas for experimentation, encouraging producers to layer different elements and arrange them in novel ways to discover unique musical ideas. 

As well as synth, bass and drum loops, Midnight comes with 50 one-shot drum samples for crafting your own kits. All drum samples and vocal FX were created by Look Mum No Drums, the work of Italian sound designer and beatmaker, Francesco Pellegrin, who primarily uses found sounds to create drum and percussion samples. The pack includes MIDI tracks and dry samples to allow freedom to develop ideas with new processing and layering. All samples are provided in pristine 24 Bit WAV quality, all 100% royalty free, and all ready to be used to inspire new original tracks.

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Midnight Synths

A wide range of sounds are covered in Midnight, with inspiration mostly coming from M83’s 2011 album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. A DSI OB-6 was used to recreate the band’s signature epic synth-string pads, a Moog Sub 37 was used for deep bass lines, modular-style sequences, and various arpeggiated patterns, and the Roland JX-3P was used for 80s style retro chords, wide basses, and lead melodies.

The samples are fully processed and ready to be layered and used in tracks with minimal adjustment needed in the mix. In addition to this, most of the dry tracks have been provided with no processing or effects, allowing for you to reshape the sounds to fit any mix.

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Midnight Demos

  • Dusk 00:00
  • Dawn 00:00
  • My Night 00:00
  • Wait 00:00


The sounds in the Midnight pack are WAV samples that will work in any DAW or sampler.

Midnight includes:

  • 603 24bit WAV Samples
    • 66 Arps
    • 106 Basses
    • 30 Chords
    • 48 Leads
    • 41 Pads
    • 60 Sequences
    • 68 Strings
    • 127 Drum & Percussion Loops
    • 57 One-Shot Drum Samples
  • 334 Dry Samples (No Effects)
  • 337 MIDI Clips

The Midnight download requires at least 2GB disk space.

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