Essential Presets for Arturia Mini V3

arturia mini v presets

Minimalism is an expertly curated collection of 80 original synth presets for Arturia Mini V3 and Analog Lab V, designed to showcase the expansive range of sounds that this versatile synthesizer can produce. This pack is a celebration of the Minimoog’s legacy, featuring a rich variety of tones that pay homage to the classic qualities of the Minimoog while also exploring new sonic territories. The Minimalism presets primarily focus on what the Minimoog is renowned for: rich, chunky analog basses and dynamic, funky leads. However, the collection also includes a wide array of organs, electric pianos, intricately modulated sequences, and tranquil ambient patches, making it a comprehensive toolkit for any music producer or enthusiast.

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Mini V is Arturia’s tribute to the Minimoog, one of the most iconic monosynths from Moog, known for its powerful, warm sound and straightforward interface. While the original Minimoog was a classic but somewhat limited monophonic synthesizer, Arturia Mini V extends its capabilities significantly. It introduces polyphony and advanced modulation options, allowing for the creation of modern sounds characterized by rich, organic movement. This fusion of classic Moog warmth with contemporary sound design possibilities makes Minimalism an essential collection for any synth aficionado.

Minimalism’s presets are crafted to leverage the full potential of the Arturia Mini V. From deep and resonant basslines that anchor a track to expressive leads that cut through a mix, each preset in this pack is designed with both performance and production in mind. The inclusion of polyphonic capabilities in many of these presets opens up new creative avenues, allowing for lush chord progressions and complex layers that were not possible on the original Minimoog. Additionally, the enhanced modulation features in the Mini V bring these presets to life, adding depth, texture, and movement to each sound.

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Whether you’re recreating classic Moog tones or looking to infuse your tracks with modern synth flavors, Minimalism provides a diverse range of options. This pack is not just a tribute to the Minimoog’s historic sound; it’s a gateway to exploring the vast possibilities of synthesizer sound design with the Arturia Mini V. With Minimalism, producers and musicians can effortlessly navigate between the nostalgic sounds of the past and the innovative tones of the present, making their music stand out in any genre.

The Minimalism preset pack is a refreshed version of my original Arturia Mini V Presets pack. Half of the sounds in Minimalism are from the original pack and the other half are brand new. If you bought the original pack then you don’t have to re-buy the refreshed version, the new version has been added to the ZIP file in your download. You may need to create an account to access your download.

Minimalism Preset Demos

All synth tracks are Minimalism presets.

  • Super Tramp // Fake Juno 00:00
  • Deckard's Detachment 00:00
  • Ambient Modular 00:00
  • Becoming 00:00
  • Drunk Rhodes 00:00


To use the Minimalism presets you will need to already own either Arturia Mini V3 or Arturia Analog Lab V.

The Mini V bank requires version 3.7.1 or higher. The Analog Lab V bank requires version version 5.0.1 or higher. Both banks feature identical presets. These presets won't work in the newer "Mini V4" plugin released as part of V Collection X.

The synth plugins Mini V and Analog Lab are not included in the Minimalism download. They are available to purchase from either the Arturia website or Splice's Rent-to-Own plans.

arturia mini v presets


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Minimalism is also available in the Arturia Presets Bundle and the Everything Bundle.