Analog Arps for Ableton Live

Monolith is an expansive collection of 80 distinctive arp synth presets specifically designed for Ableton Live. This set focuses on delivering inspiring, creative sequences and rich, analog sounds, making it an invaluable resource for those searching for unique arpeggiator presets to kickstart a new song. Monolith combines raw oscillator samples from the iconic Korg MonoPoly with Ableton’s versatile MIDI devices, creating patches that offer both exceptional sound quality and unparalleled flexibility.

monolith ableton rama

At the heart of the Monolith Instrument Racks are the Korg MonoPoly’s raw oscillator waveforms, widely regarded as some of the finest analog oscillator sounds available. The integration of these samples in the presets brings a classic, warm analog character to the collection. Additionally, many patches draw inspiration from the MonoPoly’s distinctive latching arpeggiator. This feature, known for its ability to cycle through four individual oscillators with each arp step, adds a layer of natural experimentation and unpredictability to the sounds.

korg monopoly sample pack

The Monolith patches were created as a creative exploration of Ableton’s MIDI devices, combining the Arpeggiator with the Random and Chord devices to create complex systems. I used the devices in various routings to produce unique patches that break out of the typical up/down patterns. Some of the patches involve a degree of randomness, always generating new variations, with Macro control over the amount of randomness to introduce. Other patches are layered, with several mini arpeggiator parts creating a bigger, complex pattern. Of course, there’s also plenty of those classic simple arp patterns too.

In summary, Monolith is a treasure trove of arp synth presets for Ableton Live, perfect for producers and musicians who want to inject a burst of creativity and analog warmth into their projects. Whether you are crafting intricate patterns or simple, catchy sequences, Monolith offers a diverse range of sounds to elevate your songs.

rm monolith ableton patchlist

Monolith Demos

Each demo features one Monolith preset and each demo uses the same MIDI track.

  • Rocketeer 00:00
  • Berlin Modular 00:00
  • Tascam Sweep 00:00
  • Helix 00:00
  • Rings 00:00
  • Gospel 00:00
  • Odyssey Three 00:00


To use the Monolith presets you will need a copy of Ableton Live 10.1 or higher. The presets work with all editions of Live including Live Intro & Live Lite.



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Monolith is also available in the Ableton Sounds Bundle and the Everything Bundle.