Lo-fi Ambient for Ableton Live

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Motions is a collection of 50 lo-fi ambient patches designed specifically for Ableton Live 11, catering to producers and musicians who are keen on exploring the realms of ambient music, soundtrack composition, and unique textural elements in various genres. This meticulously crafted pack is a fusion of 128 carefully recorded samples, sourced from an array of cassette loops, granular synth devices, and guitar pedals, which are then intricately woven with custom-built effect chains to create a suite of distinctive instruments and devices.

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As the name ‘Motions’ implies, the essence of these patches lies in their dynamic modulation, movement, and ever-evolving textures. These idiosyncratic sounds are engineered to produce dense, lo-fi soundscapes that are not only rich in character but also highly expressive and playable. Many instruments within Motions employ looping techniques yet maintain full playability, ensuring a seamless blend of repetition and musical expressiveness.

A standout feature of Motions is the Random Generator patches. These patches harness the power of Ableton’s random LFO device in combination with an arpeggiator to create generative-style soundscapes. This functionality allows users to play a chord and be greeted with randomized, evolving arpeggios, as heard in the Nylon Arp demo below.

motions ableton live nylon arps

Furthermore, the heart of many patches in Motions lies in the custom-built Ableton effects racks. These racks emulate the warm, nostalgic qualities of cassette tape loops and guitar pedals, alongside the complexity of Eurorack modular effects. The inclusion of these effect chains in the Motions pack not only enhances the unique timbres of the provided samples but also gives users the freedom to process and manipulate their own sounds, opening up a world of lo-fi sound-mangling possibilities.

In essence, Motions is more than just a sound pack; it’s a comprehensive toolkit for creators seeking to delve into the art of lo-fi ambient music creation, offering an array of sonic tools that inspire creativity and add depth and texture to any musical project.

Motions Demos

All sounds created entirely with Motions rack.

  • Adrift 00:00
  • Nylon Arp 00:00
  • Empathy 00:00
  • Feelings 00:00


To use the Motions patches you will need a copy of Ableton Live 11. These devices will not work on older versions of Ableton Live.

The Motions devices work with all Editions of Live 11, including Lite, Intro and Standard.

ableton live tape loops


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Motions is also available in the Ableton Sounds Bundle and the Everything Bundle.