Lo-fi Ambient for Ableton Live

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Motions is a collection of 50 lo-fi ambient patches for Ableton Live 11. The pack combines 128 samples recorded from cassette loops, granular synth devices and guitar pedals alongside custom-built effect chains to create unique instruments and devices to use in your music. The sounds in Motions are suitable for ambient music, soundtrack work or creating interesting textures in any genre.

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As the name suggests, the patches in Motions focus on modulation, movement and shifting textures to create idiosyncratic sounds that can form dense, lo-fi soundscapes. Many of the instruments in Motions use loops but are fully playable and expressive.

The Random Generator patches in Motions use Ableton’s random LFO device in combination with the arpeggiator to create generative-style patches that let you play a chord and hear randomized arpeggios. Check out the Nylon Arp demo below to hear this in action.

motions ableton nylon arps

Alongside the unique samples, custom-built Ableton effects racks are also the heart of many of the Motions patches. Effect chains emulating cassette tape loops, guitar pedals and complex Eurorack effects are available in the Motions pack, letting you process your own sounds and instruments for even more lo-fi sound-mangling possibilities.

Motions Demos

All sounds created entirely with Motions rack.

  • Adrift 00:00
  • Nylon Arp 00:00
  • Empathy 00:00
  • Feelings 00:00


To use the Motions patches you will need a copy of Ableton Live 11. These devices will not work on older versions of Ableton Live.

The Motions devices work with all Editions of Live 11, including Lite, Intro and Standard.

rm knob faded
ableton live tape loops


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Motions is also available in the Ableton Sounds Bundle and the Everything Bundle.