Arturia Prophet-5 V Presets

Featuring a mix of mix of retro and modern, classic and cutting-edge, Overture contains 80 brand new presets for the new Arturia Prophet-5 V. If you’ve read any of my Synth Sounds articles then you’ll know just how versatile and great-sounding Prophet-5 plugins can be. I aimed to make Overture a collection of all my favourite sounds from a variety of genres and eras. Overture looks both to the past and the future, curating 80 sounds that will be at home in any producers toolbox.
overture arturia prophet 5 v presets
Each preset in Overture has been carefully programmed and dialled in with the onboard effects to make them ready to sit in a mix. I programmed custom macros to let you adjust the most important elements of the preset to match your song. Whether you’re making electronic, pop, rock, or any other genre, Overture is perfect for producers and composers looking to add both classic and modern Prophet-5 sounds to their music.
overture patch list

Overture Demos

All synth sounds created entirely with Overture presets with no extra effects.

  • Hypnotist's Bluff 00:00
  • Aeronautics 00:00
  • Cloudskimmer 00:00
  • Sunset Drive 00:00
  • Crystalline Keys 00:00

Presets Playthrough

Below is a more in-depth playthrough of some of the individual presets from the Overture pack in Analog Lab V. All the sounds are straight from Analog Lab V with no extra effects added.


To use the Overture presets you will need to already own either Arturia Prophet-5 V or Analog Lab V.

The Prophet-5 V bank requires version 1.2.0 or higher. The Analog Lab V bank requires version version 5.7.1 or higher. Both banks feature identical presets.

These presets will not work with the older Arturia Prophet V3 plugin, however our Oracle preset pack is compatible with the older Prophet V plugin.



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Overture is also available in the Arturia Presets Bundle and the Everything Bundle.