Modern Presets for Arturia SEM V

Arturia SEM presets

Seminal is an extensive collection of 117 original presets, specifically crafted for Arturia SEM V and Analog Lab V. This pack offers a rich tapestry of sounds, with a particular emphasis on organic pads, generative sequences, and bright synth keys, showcasing the versatility and depth of the Oberheim SEM synth. These presets are designed to tap into the unique qualities of the Arturia SEM V, making them an essential addition for enthusiasts and professionals alike who are looking to explore the sonic capabilities of this renowned synth.

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The original Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module) is celebrated for its multimode filter, a distinctive feature that allows smooth transitions between low-pass, notch, and high-pass filters, and also includes a band-pass option. This innovative filter design has been a source of inspiration for modern synths, including the Sequential OB-6, and opens up a world of creative sound design possibilities that extend beyond the traditional low-pass filter. The Seminal preset pack is designed to fully utilize this unique filter, featuring classic Oberheim sounds that highlight the Oberheim’s distinctive characteristics. It also delves into more intricate soundscapes with long, generative sequencer presets that leverage the advanced features of the plugin emulation.

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Previously titled as the Arturia SEM V Presets pack, Seminal retains all the original, meticulously crafted sounds under a new name. The pack is a celebration of the legacy of the Oberheim SEM, reimagined for the modern producer. It’s perfect for those seeking to recreate the iconic Oberheim sounds, as well as for artists and producers who want to push the boundaries of traditional synth presets. With Seminal, users of the Arturia SEM V have access to a diverse range of presets, from classic analog tones to innovative, evolving sequences, providing a comprehensive toolkit for producing high-quality music across various genres.

Seminal Demos

All synth tracks are Seminal presets.

  • Seminal 00:00
  • Four Rings 00:00
  • Fortune 00:00
  • Gardens 00:00
  • Horizon 00:00
  • Tape Organ 00:00
  • Space Surf 00:00


To use the Seminal presets you will need to already own either Arturia SEM V or Arturia Analog Lab V.

The SEM V bank requires version 2.7.1 or higher. The Analog Lab V bank requires version version 5.0.1 or higher. Both banks contain identical sounds.

The synth plugins SEM V and Analog Lab are not included in the Seminal download. They are available to purchase from either the Arturia website or Splice's Rent-to-Own plans.

Arturia SEM presets


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Seminal is also available in the Arturia Presets Bundle and the Everything Bundle.