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synth sounds free collection

The Synth Sounds Collection compiles every free synth preset from my Synth Sounds series of articles into a single download. The collection contains roughly 400 synth presets recreating the sounds of many of my favourite artists from a wide range of genres and eras. 

Synth Collection

What's Included?

As well as being organised into one download, I also took the opportunity to make the Synth Sounds presets better in places. The presets have been organised into convenient banks, some have been renamed and the master output volumes of various presets have been adjusted to try to make them consistent. In some articles where I used external effects I’ve tried to replace those with the synths onboard effects so the sounds are ready to go when you load them up.

As well as all of the articles from my own sites, this download also includes all presets from my guest articles. The Synth Sounds Collection download will get updated as I release new articles and individual packs will still be included at the end of each article. At the moment this download contains all presets up until the Rival Consoles Synth Sounds article.

These presets were made varying versions of each plugin, so be sure to have the latest version of each softsynth to avoid any issues importing or loading the presets. Finally, if you enjoy the presets in the Synth Sounds Collection, consider supporting the site whilst getting some fresh sounds by purchasing one of our premium preset packs.

rm knob faded
synth sounds free collection
Synth Sounds Collection

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