u-he Repro Presets

uhe repro presets pack

Elevate your sonic landscape with an expansive collection of 140 original presets for u-he Repro. This meticulously crafted sound library maximizes the potential of the Repro sound engine, showcasing its extraordinary sound quality, versatile modulation routing, and impressive onboard effects. The carefully selected patch bank strikes a harmonious balance between classic presets, creatively reimagined patches, and entirely new sounds. It is thoughtfully divided into two categories: 100 sounds specifically designed for Repro-5 and 40 unique sounds for Repro-1, ensuring a diverse range of options for any production need.

A Legend in it’s Own Time

The u-he Repro synthesizers are renowned for their accurate emulation of the iconic Sequential Prophet-5 and Pro One synths, legendary instruments that have left an enduring mark on popular music. This collection of Repro presets is centered around delivering both functional and inspiring sounds that are not only enjoyable to play but also boast exceptional sonic quality. The journey began with an ambition to recreate all of my favourite classic Prophet sounds in Repro, harnessing the power of its sound engine and onboard effects to ensure each preset resonates with the highest fidelity.

Included in this pack are a variety of lush strings, warm brass, and rich, fat basses, alongside some of my personal favorite patches that I’ve developed in my articles. Furthering the creative process, I ventured into new territory by exploring and utilizing many of Repro’s advanced features. These explorations included delving into the tweak page’s hidden gems and experimenting with innovative modulation ideas in the mod matrix, resulting in fresh and original sounds.

repro presets banks

Each patch in this collection comes equipped with performance controls, allowing dynamic sound shaping through the use of the mod-wheel to alter parameters. Organized using u-he’s intuitive tag system, these presets are designed for ease of navigation and quick access. Moreover, the sounds fully harness Repro’s stunning onboard effects, rendering many of the patches ready for immediate use in a track.

For producers and sound designers seeking to enrich their music with the distinct character of u-he Repro, this preset collection offers an unparalleled array of tones and textures. Whether you’re working on electronic music, film scores, or any genre in between, these presets provide the tools to elevate your compositions with the professional sound and versatility of u-he Repro.

Preset Demos

All synths sounds are u-he Repro presets.

  • Challenger 00:00
  • Chasing 00:00
  • Eternal 00:00
  • Hydro 00:00
  • Nature 00:00
  • Waterlillies 00:00


To use this preset pack, you will already need a copy of u-he Repro version 1.1.0 or higher.

uhe repro presets pack
u-he Repro Presets