u-he Repro Presets

Boost your sound palette with 140 original presets for u-he Repro. This inspiring sound collection pushes the Repro sound engine to the limit, taking full advantage of its stunning sound, flexible modulation routing, and amazing onboard effects. The patch bank is balanced between classic presets, reimagined patches, and newly imagined sounds, and is divided into 100 presets for Repro-5, and 40 presets for Repro-1.

A Legend in it’s Own Time

The u-he Repro synths are based on the Sequential Prophet-5 and Pro One synths, which should require no introduction. This collection of Repro Presets focus on useful, inspiring sounds that are fun to play and sound amazing. I first set out to create all my favourite Sequential sounds in Repro, using the sound engine and onboard effects to make them all sound as good as possible. These include lush strings, warm brass, and fat basses, as well as some of my favourite patches that I’ve previously created within my articles. I then tried to create fresh, original sounds by using and abusing many of Repro’s advanced features, such as those hidden in the tweak page, and by experimenting with new modulation ideas in the mod matrix.

All of the patches have advanced performance controls, so new sounds can be accessed by using the mod-wheel to change parameters. All the presets are organized using u-he’s tag system, and the sounds make full use of Repro’s stunning onboard effects, so many of the patches are ready to go into a track.

Preset Demos

All synths sounds are u-he Repro Presets.

  • Challenger 00:00
  • Chasing 00:00
  • Eternal 00:00
  • Hydro 00:00
  • Nature 00:00
  • Waterlillies 00:00


To use these presets you will already need a copy of the u-he Repro synth.

The presets were made in u-he Repro version 1.1.0 so you will need this version or higher.

The Repro synth plugin itself is not included in the presets download.

u-he Repro Presets
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