Untamed Prophecy

Psychedelic Presets for Arturia Prophet V3

arturia prophet 6 tame impala presets

Untamed Prophecy is a collection of neo-psychedelic synth presets taking inspiration from artists such as Tame Impala, The Flaming Lips, Pond, Black Moth Super Rainbow and Melody’s Echo Chamber. The collection features 80 brand new presets created exclusively for this pack, recreating classic sounds and taking inspiration from recent songs. Untamed Prophecy offers a complete soundset for creating psychedelic synth music, but these sounds also work well in plenty of other genres.

The presets are designed for the software synth Arturia Prophet V, an emulation of the legendary Sequential Prophet-5, with inspiration also taken from the classic Pro One and modern Prophet-6 synths. The pack also works with Arturia Analog Lab 4.

untamed prophecy synth presets

Untamed Prophecy features a range of sounds including modulated keys, psychedelic effects, lo-fi noisy leads and epic pads. Many of the sounds were recreated by referencing some of our favourite tracks by Tame Impala and Black Moth Super Rainbow. Although Prophet V is a faithful vintage synth emulation, the extended ‘VS mode’ was also used to create analog-sounding patches with deeper levels of modulation. The onboard chorus and delay effects were used to design sounds that are ready to use straight out of the box.

Full Patchlist

  • A Heavy Spoonful
  • Blurriness
  • Borderline Bass
  • Bottomless
  • Boys Are Killing
  • Breathe Chorus Poly
  • Breathe Deep Keys
  • Breathe Deep Lead
  • Breathe Rezi Bass
  • Certainty
  • Colder Than Ice Bass
  • Colder Than Ice Pad
  • Detriment
  • Disciples Lead
  • Disintegrate Strings
  • Don’t Look at the Sun
  • Dualling Consoles
  • Dusty Vintage Flutes
  • Elephant Organ
  • Eventually Organ
  • Eventually Riser
  • Feels Like Space
  • Firewater Keys
  • Firewater Lead
  • Fractured
  • Glass Xylophone
  • Glimmer Plucks
  • Grace Strings
  • Hyper Light
  • Hypnotist
  • Innocent Organ
  • Instant Destiny Lead
  • Is It True Funky Lead
  • Is It True Organ
  • Is It True Sync Lead
  • List of People
  • Love Paranoia Brass
  • Magic Bison Lead
  • Magicians Morning
  • Methyl L’Heure
  • Midnight
  • Mr Nobody
  • Mount Hope
  • Music to Walk Home Lead
  • New Person Harp
  • Past Life Keys
  • Pavonis Mons
  • Peace Strings
  • Peace Sword
  • Pink Machine
  • Posthumous Lead I
  • Posthumous Lead II
  • Posthumous Poly-Mod
  • Pro Bubbles I
  • Pro Bubbles II
  • Pro Bubbles III
  • Pro Bubbles IV
  • Rip On Keys
  • Rip On Through
  • Seesaw
  • Serpentine
  • She Won’t Believe Pad
  • Space Age
  • Suddenly Theremin
  • Tasmania
  • Taxi’s Here Brass
  • Taxi’s Here Rez
  • The Moment Lead
  • The Moment Strings
  • Thirty Megatons
  • Tomorrows Arps
  • Tomorrows Dust Brass
  • Tomorrows Thin String
  • Voided Lead
  • Voided Pad
  • Why Won’t They Bubbles
  • Why Won’t They Talk Organ
  • Yesterday Choir Pad
  • Yoshimi Squelch
  • You Won’t Miss Me

Untamed Demos

All sounds other than drums and bass guitar are Untamed Prophecy presets.

  • Hyper Light 00:00
  • Voided 00:00
  • Space Age 00:00


To use the Untamed Prophecy presets you will need to have a copy of either Arturia Prophet V3 or Arturia Analog Lab 4.

The Prophet V bank requires version 3.6.0 or higher. The Analog Lab 4 bank requires version version 4.2.3 or higher. These presets won't work in the newer "Prophet-5 V" released as part of V Collection 9.

Arturia Prophet V and Analog Lab are not included in Untamed Prophecy, they are available from either the Arturia website or Splice's Rent-to-Own plans.

rm knob faded
arturia prophet 6 tame impala presets
Untamed Prophecy


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Untamed Prophecy is also available in the Arturia Presets Bundle and the Everything Bundle.