Alternate LinnDrum Samples

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Vice is a collection of rare alternate LinnDrum samples and kits. The LinnDrum was released in 1982, and used digital samples to reproduce realistic drum sounds. The samples could be swapped with other samples by opening the machine and swapping out the EPROM, the memory chip that stored the sample. These alternate sounds were popular in the 80s, and can be heard on Shout by Tears for Fears and the Miami Vice Theme by Jan Hammer.

Note that this pack focuses on alternate LinnDrum sounds, and doesn’t feature any of the classic LinnDrum samples. Luckily the classic sounds are available in countless packs online, many free!

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Vice Demos

All drum tracks were created with the Vice preset kits in Ableton Live.

  • Vice Big Chair Kit 00:00
  • Vice Vercetti Kit 00:00


The Vice download comes with sampler presets for the following DAWs:

The download also includes the WAV one shot samples that can be loaded into any sampler or DAW.

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linndrum ableton live


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Vice is also available in the Ableton Sounds Bundle and the Everything Bundle.