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Vangelis’ Blade Runner Synth Sounds

Farewell to the maestro Vangelis, the Greek composer and musician who gave us one of the most innovative and influential film scores with Blade Runner.

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Synthwave Sounds for Omnisphere 2

A melding of 80s and early 90s-inspired analog synth sounds for Omnisphere 2, created in collaboration with ILIO and MIDIhead.

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New Order’s Elegia Synth Sounds

Deconstructing New Order’s haunting instrumental tribute and its rich tapestry of layered Emulator II sounds.

Tame Impala’s Eventually Synth Sounds 

A throwback to Tame Impala’s Eventually, a medley of 80s and 90s synth sounds and a masterclass in layering sounds.

Mac DeMarco Chord Theory

Looking at the harmonic secrets behind the rock ‘n’ roll and jazz influenced chord sequences of ten Mac DeMarco songs.

Featured Sound Packs

Robot Funk

Robot Funk is a French House synth preset pack for the Arturia V Collection and Analog Lab V featuring remakes of popular synth sounds used by Daft Punk.


Motions is a collection of 50 lo-fi ambient patches for Ableton Live 11 combining tape and granular samples with custom effects chains.


Omni brings the sound of the Suzuki Omnichord to Ableton Live, freshly updated for Ableton Live 11.


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Synth Sounds Collection

The Synth Sounds Collection compiles every free synth preset from all of my Synth Sounds articles into a single download. In total the Collection contains just over 400 synth presets. If you’re new to the site, definitely start with this!

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