Arturia SEM V Presets

The classic sound of the Oberheim SEM is captured and expanded with this collection of 120 presets for Arturia Oberheim SEM V. The pack has a diverse range of sounds, and concentrates on classic patches, pads, generative sequences, and rich keys patches. This selection of sounds have been carefully programmed & curated to be inspiring and useful in a variety of scenarios.

Arturia Oberheim SEM V is a software emulation of the Oberheim SEM synth, check it out here.

Ultimate Keyboard Machine

The Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module, or SEM, was one of the early self‑contained synth modules, and allowed synthesists to chain together multiple units to expand polyphony. Although initially conceived of as an expansion unit, allowing multiple units to be chained together to create polyphonic Two-, Four- and Eight-voice system, the SEM soon became regarded as a great monosynth in its own right. Key characteristics of the SEM sound are the rich saw/square waveforms and the gentle two-pole multimode filter, which is softer than the Moog filter, and also capable of blending between different filter types.

The SEM V Presets contain some classic Oberheim sounds, specifically ones that take advantage of the Oberheim’s unique filter. It also contains long, generative sequence presets that use some of the Arturia synths advanced features to supercharge the SEM sound. The library is neatly organised and integrates into Arturia’s pre-existing categories and tags to allow you to easily find the right patch for any occasion.


  • SEM V Presets 00:00
  • Four Rings 00:00
  • Fortune 00:00
  • Gardens 00:00
  • Horizon 00:00
  • Tape Organ 00:00
  • Space Surf 00:00


To use these presets you will already need a copy of either Arturia SEM V or Arturia Analog Lab 4.

The SEM V bank requires version 2.6.0 or higher. The Analog Lab 4 bank requires version version 4.2.3 or higher. Both banks feature identical presets.

The plugin synths Arturia SEM V and Analog Lab are not included in the Arturia SEM V Presets download. They are available from either the Arturia website or Splice's Rent-to-Own plans.

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