RM-20 Electric Organ

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Beach House's magical Yamaha PS-20.

The Yamaha PS-20 is an electric organ built by Yamaha in 1981, boasting a built-in speaker for portability and an automatic bass accompaniment feature. The sound are lo-fi but charming, and it has been used heavily by the band Beach House, which you can read about in my article Beach House Keyboard Sounds.

In these Ableton Live Instruments, all ten of the PS-20’s sounds have been sampled across the full range of the instrument, and the samples retain the charm of the original instrument whilst adding modern functionality the original lacks, such as MIDI capability. The Live Instrument’s have fully adjustable Chorus, Saturator, Compression, Delay and Reverb effects added to bring the original instrument to life.  


The Yamaha PS-20 has a Sustain switch that adds a long release times to each note, allowing for fluid, sustained playing without an external hold pedal. The RM-20 Instruments emulate this feature with fully adjustable release times, set individually per patch.

Beach House’s Victoria Legrand likes to run hers through a Line 6 Echo Park and a Boss Digital Reverb. In the Live Instruments the sampler is processed with Live’s Filter Delay and Reverb effect, set up carefully to sound like some of the classic Beach House recordings. The original PS-20 had no MIDI capability, but now the sounds can be programmed, recorded and tweaked via MIDI.

UPDATE: The PS-20's onboard drums from it's Auto Rhythm section are now included! The drums have been sampled as the rhythms at 3 different tempos, raw drum hits, and an Ableton Drum Rack with each hit processed, for programming your out rhythms!

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Organ 1

Organ 2










What’s Included

2 Ableton Live Projects
10 Live Instruments
1 Live Drum Rack
28 Drum Loops
16 Drum Hits


Ableton Live 9.7 or higher

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