Beach Organ

RM-20 is a collection of sampled sounds inspired by the Yamaha PS-20, an electric organ built in 1981. The PS-20’s sound are lo-fi but charming, and it has been heavily used by the band Beach House, where it’s lo-fi tones contribute to the band’s dreampop atmosphere. The RM-20 sampled instrument pack uses high quality multi-samples of all ten of the Yamaha PS-20s sounds, and the samples retain the charm of the original instrument whilst adding modern functionality the original lacks, such as the ability to program via MIDI. Run through effects like chorus, delay and reverb will bring these samples to life to inspire new songs.

Dreampop Inspired

RM-20 includes pre-made sampler presets for Ableton Live, FL Studio, Studio One, Logic Pro X and Kontakt. The WAV samples can also be loaded into any other DAW or sampler to play back the sounds. Sampler’s with auto-mapping will be able to read the RM-20 samples embedded root keys and loop information, for easy mapping over the keyboard.

RM-20 Demos

All sounds (other than bass guitar and drums) made with RM-20 instruments.

  • Organ 1 // Organ 2 00:00
  • Trumpet // Vibraphone 00:00
  • Piano // Harpsichord 00:00


The RM-20 download comes with presets for the following DAWs / Samplers:

  • Ableton 9.7 or higher
  • FL Studio DirectWave
  • Studio One 4 or higher
  • Reason NN-XT & Combinator
  • Logic Pro X EXS24/Sampler
  • Kontakt (not Kontakt Player)

The download also includes the WAV multisamples to use with any sampler or DAW as well as soundfont .SF2 files to use with soundfont players.



RM-20 is also available in the Ableton Sounds Bundle and the Everything Bundle.
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