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u-he Repro Presets

Boost your sound palette with 140 original presets for u-he Repro. This inspiring sound collection pushes the Repro sound engine to the limit, taking full advantage of its stunning sound, flexible modulation routing, and amazing onboard effects. The patch bank is balanced between classic presets, reimagined patches, and newly imagined sounds, and is divided into 100 presets for Repro-5, and 40 presets for Repro-1.


Arturia SEM V Presets

The classic sound of the Oberheim SEM is captured and expanded with this collection of 120 presets for Arturia’s Oberheim SEM V synth. This preset pack has a diverse range of sounds, and concentrates on classic patches, evolving pads, generative sequences, and rich-sounding keys patches. This selection of sounds have been carefully programmed & curated to be inspiring and useful in a variety of scenarios.


Arturia Prophet V Presets

The sounds of the classic Prophet-5 and modern Prophet 08 synths, recreated as 200 patches for the softsynth Arturia Prophet V. These perfectly crafted sounds will get your new tracks started right away, and allow you to focus on the songwriting element of the creative process. Heavy basses, lush pads, psychedelic keys, and everything in between; take these presets and be inspired.


Arturia Mini V Presets

The Minimoog has been on more records than anybody can count. It is one of those classic sounds that instantly works in any mix. With 100 patches for Arturia Mini V, ranging from classic, recognisable sounds, to bizzare, mangled patches, the Mini V Presets contain everything you both would and wouldn't expect from a Moog library. That means fat basses and funky leads, but also warm organs, deep pads, and cinematic soundscapes.

TAL U-NO-LX Presets.png

TAL U-NO-LX Presets

An instant classic, the Roland Juno synths have a flair for bringing warmth to any track they touch. With the killer combo of digital oscillators and that legendary chorus sound, the Juno synths are a true beast. With these 200 patches for the software synth TAL U-NO-LX, you’ll have the recognizable full range of classic Juno sounds at your fingertips.


Ableton Wavetable Presets

Ableton Live 10 saw the release of a brand new Ableton-native synth, called Wavetable, which allows for deep modulation control and incredible sounds. Wavetable includes the ability to stretch, shape and morph wavetables into a huge range of sounds. This Ableton Wavetable preset pack contains 120 custom synth sounds ranging from classic workhorse synth sounds, to strange, evolving soundscapes to inspire new pieces of music.


Model D | Analog Bass & Lead

Model D is an analog bass & lead synth for Ableton Live. It utilises sampled oscillators from the Behringer Model D in conjunction with Ableton’s PRD filter, which is modelled on the legendary filter from the Moog Prodigy. It is perfect for huge, detuned bass sounds that fill the bottom end of a mix, as well as for silky smooth leads. It is available as a free download for readers of Reverb Machine.


Horizons | Classic 80s Synth

Horizons is a collection of classic analog synth patches for Ableton Live. The Roland JX-3P was used as a basis of the pack, with both factory presets and custom sounds present in the pack. The JX-3P is a classic analog synth with a huge 80s sound, similar to the Roland Juno series. This pack contains all the factory sounds from the JX-3P, alongside plenty of custom patches that push the JX-3P sound to the limit.


JV | 90s Digital Synth

JV is a collection of digital synth patches for Ableton Live and Logic Pro X. The patches are inspired by and sampled from the Roland JV-1080, a 90s rack mounted-synth that utilises both samples and synthesis to generate realistic sounds, at least for the time. The sounds may be now inherently dated, but they still retain a nostalgic charm.


Trails | Ambient Synths

Trails is a collection of sampled synthesizers processed with fully wet reverb and delay effects to create ambient soundscape machines. The ten sounds comprise samples of a Roland Juno-106, Prophet-08, Moog Sub 37 and Waldorf Blofeld run through delay and reverb effects by Strymon, Empress and Chase Bliss. The Trails patches are perfect for ambient music, but are also great for adding complex layers any genres.

Porta_Ableton copy.png

Porta | FM Toy Keys

Porta is a sampled Yamaha PSS-480 for Ableton Live and Logic Pro X. Although the PSS-480 has the appearance of an inexpensive toy keyboard, it possesses a 2-operator FM synth chip, and allows the user to program custom patches. Think of it like a DX7, only with two oscillators instead of six. The synth has vibrato, reverb and sustain effects, and also boasts a rhythm machine, auto accompaniment, a sequencer, and MIDI capabilities - not bad for a small keyboard!


Omni | Electronic Autoharp

Omni is a sampled Omnichord for Ableton Live, containing all the sounds of the classic Suzuki Omnichord and several sounds from the modern Q-Chord. The original Omnichord OM27 was released in 1981, and was loved for its charming 8-bit sound and the ability to strum it like an auto-harp. Famous users include Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois, Gorillaz, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Jim James of Morning Jacket.


Drumtraks | 80s Drums

Drumtraks is a sampled recreation of the Sequential Circuits Drumtraks drum machine for Ableton Live. The original SCI Drumtraks was released in 1984, had thirteen fully programmable sounds, and was the very first drum machine to feature MIDI. This pack samples every drum sound in every possibly tuning, and offers more flexibility than the original unit.

PS-20-header copy.png

RM-20 | Beach House Organ

The Yamaha PS-20 is an electric organ built by Yamaha in 1981, boasting a built-in speaker for portability and an automatic bass accompaniment feature. The sound are lo-fi but charming, and it has been used heavily by the band Beach House, which you can read about in my article Beach House Keyboard Sounds.