Model D | Analog Bass & Lead


Detuned Oscillators

Model D is an analog bass & lead synth for Ableton Live. It utilises sampled oscillators from the Behringer Model D in conjunction with Ableton’s PRD filter, which is modelled on the legendary filter from the Moog Prodigy. It is perfect for huge, detuned bass sounds that fill the bottom end of a mix, as well as for silky smooth leads. It is available as a free download for readers of Reverb Machine.

Artwork by Andreia Calhau.


The waveform selector crossfades between the available triangle, sawtooth, square and pulse waveforms, and is modelled on the functionality of the Moog Sub 37’s waveform selector. The filter controls adjust Ableton’s PRD filter, allowing control over cutoff frequency, resonance, and envelope control. The ADS envelope controls are also based on the Minimoog controls, with the decay time also controlling release time. Lastly, the glide control adds portamento, great for sliding basses and smooth leads. An extra polyphonic instrument is available, allowing you to play chords using the Model D oscillators.



Requires Ableton Live 9.7 or later.

Contains two synth patches (monophonic & polyphonic) and 76 WAV samples.